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The BeInSp!red City Talk serves to inspire and inform about life and learning environments of the future. BIS parents, universities and decision makers come together to inspire each other, network and to promote the education of the future.

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BeInSp!red City Talk comment 7
I will be happy to attend the next events and support where possible.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 6
One aspect that I took away from the event was the need and opportunity to more actively engage business and entrepreneurial leaders into the education context.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 5
Thank you - I was inspired by the "BeInSp!red City Talk" last week.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 4
I like how you several times linked the IB learner profile to the themes discussed. It made it clear for me that students at BIS are being groomed in a fit-for-the-future environment.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 3
It was a very interesting evening and the combination of a keynote and panel where people could engage, provoked people to think.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 1
The quality of the speakers/content, engaged parents and fruitful discussions made this a great evening.
BeInSp!red City Talk comment 2
The purpose, values, teachers and learning environment / approach made a big difference and I am excited to see how to scale the impact of the engaged and committed education you lead at BIS.

Key note “Design Thinking“

Ewan McIntosh
Founder & CEO NoTosh
Global leader of customer projects in education and industry

BIS is giving a superb opportunity for the local community to connect with the school and, in turn, to connect even further with its local community.

And while there are plenty of stories I have to share of inspirational people in education and industry, I also hope to trigger the best of Bavaria’s innovators, young and old, student, parent or local business, to share their own stories with each other, to learn how we might create something together, bigger than any one of us alone could ever manage.

Panel member

Scientific assistant of the LMU Teaches digital art history

Dr. Harald Klinke studied art history, painting and business informatics in Karlsruhe, Berlin, Göttingen and Norwich (UK). From 2008 to 2009 he worked as a teacher of visual science at the University of Göttingen. From 2009 to 2010 he was Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (New York). He then taught art and media history, was a founding consultant for the cultural and creative industries at the University of Art and Design Braunschweig (HBK) and conducted a project on an innovative user interface at Volkswagen AG. Since 2014 he is assistant for digital art history at the LMU Munich.

Head of Business and Consumer Communications

Ines Gensinger is responsible for business customer and end-user communications & analyst relations at Microsoft Germany. When new communication concepts are discussed at the congresses of the republic, she stands behind them with her projects. It has raised the discussion about cloud computing to a new level for Germany as a location. She is in charge of the program of the Digital Economic Miracle - and knows that the digital transformation begins with the participation of all. For digital transformation, the most important investment for them, those in employees and the role of the digital leader is crucial. She is one of the thought leaders in the discussion on Digital Leadership and has built up a strong network of comrades from business, society and science.

Founding Partner of Bloom Partners & Lecturer at the University of Cologne

Markus is one of the leading innovation management and digital experts, a successful startup founder and business angel. With Bloom Partners and Bloom Labs, Markus is currently focusing on scaling digitization strategies and "Platforms as a Service" concepts for leading companies in Europe. In addition, he is intensively involved in academic teaching, i.a. with a teaching assignment for "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship" at the University of Cologne.

Vice President, Sales Distribution at Steelcase AG

Stephan Derr has been with Steelcase since July 2011, initially as Director Finance & Dealer Development in Germany and most recently as Vice President Sales & Channel Development DACH. During this time, he earned great respect within the company, as well as among retail partners and the industry as a whole. Prior to joining Steelcase, Stephan Derr worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and then as a partner at Quest Consulting AG, where, among other things, as a consultant on the Partner Council, he successfully supported Steelcase and its resellers.

Chair of Strategy and Organization

Professor Welpe studied economics at LMU Munich and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. She completed an MSc at the London School of Economics before finishing her PhD on technology and innovation management at the University of Regensburg (2003). In 2007 she completed her lecturer qualification at LMU’s Institute for Information, Organization and Management in innovation and organization. She has held the Chair of Strategy and Organization at TUM since 2009.

Moderator: Philipp Bächstädt

Philipp Bächstädt is an IB Alumnus, who graduated from the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz in Switzerland. To this day, he is vice-president of the international alumni club.

Today, Philipp is a well-known German journalist and moderator. He began his career at the news channel n-tv. Since then, he has been booked by RTL, VOX and ZDF as well as distinguished companies such as Daimler, MAN or Microsoft.

A bilingual moderator of the old school, but at home in the digital world.

BeInSp!red City Talk 2018: Design Thinking

When: Thursday, 26 April 2018, 6:00 – 9:00pm
Where: BIS City Campus, Leopoldstr. 208, 80804 Munich

Invited guests
  • International BIS Faculty and staff
  • International BIS Parent-Community of more than 1200 BIS students
  • Diplomats, consulates, embassies, consulates
  • Decision-makers from international companies
  • International Clubs and Organizations in Munich and Bavaria
  • Expats
  • Experts from education, research and science

BeInSp!red City Talk - May 2017

We have limited space available and after the positive feedback from the first BeInSp!red City Talk, we expect our maximum capacity in 2018 to be quickly attained. Don't miss being a part of this inspiring discussion and sign up today!

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Design Thinking at School

Innovative teaching and learning methods at the Bavarian International School e.V.
Interview by Elke von Sparre, publisher at Kitz Magazine with Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, BIS Director.

What does the BIS stand for?

As director of the BIS I currently supervise more than 1,100 international children aged 3 to 18 years. The BIS offers an innovative and contemporary education true to our motto "Believe. Inspire. Succeed." We are a certified IB World School whose teaching and learning program especially self-responsible, creative and social action of students in an intercultural context promotes. For this we use the innovative learning and teaching methods in the classroom teaching method of Design Thinking.

What does BIS understand exactly under "Design Thinking"?

Design Thinking describes a method used in Silicon Valley originated from the design product world at the beginning of the 90s is and creative problem solving and idea development serves. This approach is being used today by large international companies and organizations. The BIS already applies the Design Thinking method in class for a long time: we practice the approach vividly for all students, even in preschool, our so-called "Early Childhood Program" for children as of the age of 3. Our experience has shown that even the youngest with this learning method you best individual potential, their social, emotional, physical and develop cognitive skills.

What does design thinking mean for the students?

Classically, problems are didactically so in school reduced, that they are solved by the students in individual work. Design Thinking, on the other hand, relies on intensive group work and creative work solution finding and contextual learning.

Which competences are supported by the pupils?

Look, the world out there is complex and challenging become. In the future, our children need more than that each competency in the field of creative problem solving, strong social and team skills, a creative self-confidence and most importantly - a feedback and error culture. All of this is in line with our BIS guidelines.

And what does Design Thinking mean for lesson design the teacher?

Teachers use the Design Thinking method to to get help for their lessons. Here arise completely new ways of thinking, perspectives and needs, work becomes more productive, the error culture also leads to bigger teachers empathy and understanding in the social fabric of a school.

Do the excellence of your students reflect, among other things, the application of the Design Thinking method?

I think that the overall package of our innovative and future-oriented teaching program, professional teachers and the social behavior in an intercultural learning institution contribute a lot to the learning success. Our vision is to inspire children for lifelong learning and to motivate them to enrich our society in their own responsibility. The Design Thinking method perfectly supports the BIS vision and mission.

Thank you for the interview!


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