BeInSp!red - City Talk 2019

BeInSp!red City Talk 2019

“Positive Education – Positive Leadership“


The Human Factor will Determine the Quality of Educational Systems in the 21st Century.

The Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) discussed the prospects of positive psychology in education with experts at this year's "BeInSp!red City Talk".
A record number of visitors, happy faces and inspiring impulses. The 3rd "BeInSp!red City Talk" of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) on 7 May 2019 was a great success.  Experts from business, education, research and philosophy discussed the innovative teaching and learning method of positive psychology, and its potential for use in schools and in the world of work. More than 100 guests attended the interactive panel at the BIS City Campus on Leopoldstraße. This unique public event format once again presented the Bavarian International School as a committed partner and a driving force for Munich and the region.
BIS School Director and Board Member Dr. Chrissie Sorenson opened the BeInSp!red City Talk:  "In future, the human factor will be a key indicator of the quality of educational systems. Schools should strive to create more space than ever before for personal development, experimentation and inspiration, and should have the courage to allow for mistakes, which often prove to be the key to success".
Dr. Martin Ebeling, Philosopher and Head of the educational company "The School of Life for Business", opened the event with a lecture on "Leveraging the power of positive leadership for personal and professional success". He is convinced that emotional competences are of central importance for achieving economic dynamism and success. In addition to technical knowledge and practical skills, the employees of the future will need to possess empathy, creativity and a free spirit. The Positive Psychology approach is based on recognizing and focusing an individual’s strengths in learning and working, thus supporting the demands of the educational system of the 21st century.
Qualities of Human Intelligence
In the ensuing panel discussion, moderated by Nina Eichinger, the experts went on to discuss how positive psychology can be applied in the world of education and work. Nina Zimmermann, Publishing Managing Director Digital Publishing, Burda Studios:  "We are all insecure because we don't know exactly what dimensions digitalization will take on in the future working world. In the field of tension between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, together we should share the fear of this new challenge, while together we should push back against it by reflecting on the qualities of our human intelligence.”
Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe, Chair of Strategy & Organization, Technische Universität München (TUM): "We know from research that we can learn 10 times faster by taking advantage of technological support. But we also know that we need to learn more individually and thus be supported by our own innate talents. Future product worlds will be available by demand, and future learning worlds should also be available by demand. We see this as an essential challenge for the future of tomorrow's learning".

The BeInSp!red City Talk of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) serves as an informative impulse generator for the interwoven learning, living and working worlds of the future. The BIS community as well as representatives from economy, science, politics, media and society come together to inspire each other, to exchange ideas and to promote the formation of the future. "Lifelong learning" also applies to the economy.

BeInsp!red City Talk 2019 - Impressions


“Leveraging the power of positive leadership for personal and professional success!“

Dr. Martin Ebeling
The School of Life - Logo

Dr. Martin Ebeling
Philosopher, Instigator of Ideas and leader of the Learning and Development Program of 'The School of Life', Berlin
"Positive leaders become positive leaders not by administering a technique but by growing as human beings."
Dr. Martin Ebeling is convinced that philosophy offers many lessons for a good life. As the author of the book 'Conciliatory Democracy', he advocates a different approach to the political differences that characterize our time. In addition, he has authored numerous scientific philosophical essays.

Today, Martin Ebeling works as speaker, trainer and moderator, even though he prefers to call himself an instigator of ideas.

He is primarily concerned with the big questions of philosophy and our potential for more emotional growth, and hopes that mindfulness and (self-)compassion will be increasingly found in our society.

Panel Members

Nina Zimmermann



Managing Direktor Burda Studios
Burda Studios Logo


"With a positive attitude, the right leadership style and an education that shapes personalities, you can make a difference."

Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe



Chair of Strategy and Organization
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Livia Mitschke-Collande



Business Lead Video and Display
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Dr. Chrissie Sorenson



Head of School


Moderator: Nina Echinger

Nina Eichinger
Nina Eichinger was born in Munich, the daughter of film producer and director Bernd Eichinger. She was an MTV VJ and has been a TV moderator on various shows and  also played roles in films like “The Three Musketeers (2011 film)” or “The Baader Meinhof Complex”. In 2013 and 2014 she won the Bavarian Film Award.
Nina is a graduate of IB Diploma.



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