Ilse Aigner: "Internationality and open-mindedness can be felt in every classroom."

"Internationality and open-mindedness can be felt in every classroom."

Bavarian State Parliament President Ilse Aigner visits Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) / Patron of Friends of BIS e.V.
Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian Parliament, visited the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) at the City Campus in Munich-Schwabing. Ten-year-old student ambassadors guided her through the primary school and kindergarten (Early Childhood Center) that opened in 2016. The highest representative of the Bavarian State Parliament read the book "In Jerusalem War Alles Anders. Memories of a Child" by author Margit Pflüger to Grade 5 students from six different nations. She discussed with the children the importance of home in the age of globalization. At the close of the event, President Aigner was introduced as the official patron of the Friends of BIS e.V..

The Friends of BIS Fundraising Association ("Förderverein") has set itself the goal of generating additional funds for the advancement of innovation and the development of future projects through fundraising, sponsorships, and partnerships. One focus of the initiative is the financing of the planned Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC). The new heart of the Haimhausen Campus will offer 750 students a modern, innovative, and interdisciplinary learning environment on three floors over approximately 8,300 square metres, representing a milestone for education in Bavaria. The "School of the Future" will be home to flexible educational islands, laboratories, maker spaces, EdTech departments, studios, stages, and auditoriums, embodying the best of "STEAM" learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). As a multifunctional space, the CIC should also be open to the entire region in a spirit of partnership. The construction costs are estimated to be around 25 million euros.

Present at today’s event were School Director Dr. Chrissie Sorensen, Business Director Marco Dahl, Dr. April Yetsko (Principal City Campus), Nicola Moloney (Vice Principal City Campus), Chairman of the Supervisory Board Marc Aghili and Dr. Manuel Cubero (founding member of Friends of BIS and former CCO of Vodafone Deutschland and CEO of Kabel Deutschland Holding AG), all of whom welcomed the president of the state parliament to the City Campus of BIS.

Dear Mrs. Aigner, after having experienced the Bavarian International School here at the City Campus live and up close - what impressed you most?

Aigner: "Especially the children, of course. It was great fun to read and discuss with them. The students were very friendly, curious, bright and confident. You can see that BIS is a truly international school - internationality, diversity and open-mindedness can be felt in every hallway, in every classroom. I also like the fact that children learn at a very early age to work together and help each other, and that the latest technology is sensibly integrated".

Why are international schools like BIS so important for Munich and Bavaria?

Aigner: "International schools like BIS are an important cornerstone in the mosaic of the Bavarian educational landscape. Private and state schools complement each other, at best they inspire each other and work together. This is the only way we can guarantee the breadth and depth of an educational offering with the well-known Bavarian quality. International schools such as BIS are of particular importance for economic development and location marketing in the greater Munich area and throughout Bavaria. Their offerings help companies to attract urgently needed top managers, specialists and executives from all over the world to our region".

We are pleased to officially present you today as the patron of our Friends of BIS e.V. Association - why is BIS's innovation and future campaign so important to you?

Aigner: "Despite all the necessary neutrality on the subject of education in Bavaria, I am very happy to support Friends of BIS as a patron. The primary goal of the Friends of BIS is to finance and build an Innovation and Creativity Centre (CIC) at the Haimhausen campus of BIS. Such innovation centres are important for Bavaria - they are living places for creativity, inventiveness and the development of future generations. And because BIS is opening this Innovation Centre to society, neighbours and partners, I very much welcome this idea".

Personalized Education for Future World Citizens

The Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) is a non-profit educational institution with two campuses (Haimhausen and Munich-Leopoldstraße). Approximately 1,200 students from 56 nations between the ages of 3 and 18 attend the International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. BIS has 210 staff – 170 of which are teachers that originate from 29 countries. BIS is one of the two international schools in Germany that offers all four IB programs. The IB DP average mark at BIS is 34.3 (in comparison to the worldwide average: 29.7), which displays its exemplary educational standards. The overall educational focus is on the development of each child under the motto "Believe. Inspire. Succeed.'' Due to the high percentage of international pupils (75 %), the private all-day school is an important factor for business development and location marketing in the greater Munich area.

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