"May the Wings of Destiny carry you aloft to Dance with the Stars."

Even in times of the corona crisis, Bavarian International School (BIS) made it possible for the students of grade 12 and their parents to finish their school days in an honourable and joyful way. 91 students from 25 different nations received their high school diplomas today.

From Munich to Oxford – BIS student accepted to the best university in the world

From Munich to Oxford: Henri van Wasen is graduating from Bavarian International School (BIS) this June and has already been accepted to study at the University of Oxford. As of October 2020, the 18-year-old will study Human Sciences at the "best university in the world" (Source: Times Higher Education). Van Wasen himself describes Oxford as a university "which is surrounded by a palpable atmosphere of intellectual wealth, tradition, and zealousness."

New Eyecatcher in Munich-Schwabing - 60 square meter mural "Diversity Rocks"

The colorful graffiti artwork "Diversity Rocks" welcomes all students, teachers, parents, visitors and pedestrians over 60 square meters at the City Campus of Bavarian International School (BIS) in Schwabing. The Munich artist Johannes Brechter created the mural and it can be admired by anyone from the public who is passing the corner of Leopoldstraße 208 and Wilhelm-Hertz-Straße.

Mandatory School Closing  Sparks Innovation

The Bavarian International School is taking advantage of the Bavarian government´s mandatory school closing to deploy its Virtual School Program for the the next five weeks through the end of the Spring Break. School leaders and staff have been working diligently to fine-tune the extensive details required to support 1,200 students from ages 3-18 in virtual or "distance learning".

Inspiring Insights about „Tagesschau“ to BMW to the invention of the brand PAYBACK

Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) staged its annual Careers Day at the Haimhausen Campus. Around 170 students from grades 10 and 11 had the chance to choose which 4 of the 13 personalities they could interact with. Each of the speakers presented their profession and industry, the best training paths, necessary skills and competences for today's working world.