Dear Alumni,
A growing number of alumni keep in touch at university and beyond and some even get married to an alumnus or and alumna! Social media may also help to keep in touch, but real friendships and vibrant alumni relations depend on active encounters.
A BIS identity is being kept through reunions, black tie dinners and more informal meetings such as the Munich Stammtisch or the Alumni Football Team which stars at the annual Great Reunion at the beginning of the school year when they play the Haimhausen torpedoes.
Furthermore, alumni speakers in assemblies or presenters at the Careers Day and BeInSp!red events play an important role in inspiring the next generation of IB students.
There are many opportunities for you to stay in contact with your friends and former teachers. Fill in the form below to help us keeping you updated about upcoming events or simply follow the link below and join the BIS Alumni Facebook group.
See you soon!
Admissions & Alumni Coordinator

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