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School Fees

School fees are set annually by BIS and apply to both campuses. The school fees, decided by the BIS Executive and Supervisory Board, are subject to Government approval as well as subject to shareholder approval.
For convenience, BIS offers three payment options:
The Tuition Fee, Extra School Service Fee and Entrance Fee will be invoiced in early June and are due by mid of July. The Application Fee is payable after submission of the Application Form. The Registration Fee is payable upon receipt of the invoice. Transportation Fee is due in October (1st semester) and in February (2nd semester).
TWO TERM PAYMENT (option for the Tuition Fee)
The Tuition Fee can be paid in 2 instalments; this option includes an additional 3% administrative charge. This option is only available by direct debit from an EU bank. The first payment (65 % of the Tuition Fee) is due mid of July. The second payment (38 % of the Tuition Fee) is due mid of January.
This option will not be available for students joining after the first pro-ratio reduction would apply (start after October 15th). 
MONTHLY PAYMENT (option for the Tuition and Entrance Fee)
As of Fall 2019, BIS is offering a monthly payment model for the Tuition and Entrance Fee (or Tuition Fee only, but not individually for the Entrance Fee). This option is only available by direct debit from an EU bank. The (prorated) Tuition Fee and full applying annual rate of the Entrance Fee will be split into 10 monthly instalments, due between  mid of July and mid of April (minus the number of instalments for students starting during the year or leaving early). An administrative charge applies. For more information please contact the BIS Admissions Office.
School fees for students joining during the school year are payable in full at the time of acceptance.
The payment option can be changed with each re-registration for the following school year. 

For detailed information about the school fees please contact the Admissions Team directly.
BIS offers financial support in relevant cases (Financial Assistance Programme, FAP); please click here for further information or contact the Admissions team.