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Welcome to BIS

Living in the Area

Welcome to Munich and Haimhausen!

It is the incomparable mixture of cosmopolitan outlook and tradition, of high-tech and being down-to-earth, of being innovative and displaying a charming composure, which makes Munich so attractive for tourists (and new citizens) from all around the world.

The Bavarian state capital with its 1.54 million inhabitants offers everything that a visitor would dream of for his/her perfect stay: a wide-ranging arts and cultural scene, unlimited sports and shopping facilities, a lively bar scene and nightlife, a varied gastronomy and an excellent public transport network. The city owes its high leisure and recreational value to the numerous green oases such as the English Garden, the Isar riverbanks, the parks of the castles and the proximity to the Alps and the Upper Bavarian lakes.

The City of Munich: It's the mix that does it!


Museums and Exhibition Venues in Munich

Munich has a worldwide reputation as a metropolis of art, culture and science. Three top orchestras, major music festivals, outstanding opera and concert venues and an internationally renowned club scene allow for a wide range of music on offer, from classical music to jazz, rock and pop to avantgarde. Munich has over 60 museums and exhibition venues.

A constantly growing world-class art scene in the city attracts art-lovers from all over the world. The  Brandhorst Museum, which already makes an impression from the outside with its colourful facade, with its famous collection of modern works, greatly complements the three Pinakothek museums.  In 2013 the new State Museum of Egyptian Art opened its doors to visitors and for almost four years, the Lenbachhaus, was opened again to the public after a renovation to add on an extension. With the opening of the National Socialist Documentation Center in 2015, Munich now has a central place of learning and remembrance, which remembers the crimes of the National Socialist dictatorship and explains its causes, characteristics and consequences up to the present day. 

Munich and Bavaria Resources
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Haimhausen & Landkreis Dachau Resources
The official internet portal for the municipality of Haimhausen in the District of Dachau
The official portal for the District of Dachau

Many ways to experience our school

We provide a variety of ways for you to get to know our school, including in-person and virtual options.

Digital learning and technology is a priority at BIS, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted even further into the future of living digitally. Our on-demand Virtual Visit allows you to see and hear about our school from the people who work, learn, and visit here, every day. Join an in-person or virtual Open Day event, or flip through our Learning Spaces page to see where your child could be going to school. A phone call or personal tour with our Admissions Team means all your questions can be answered immediately.