Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours at BIS?

Students attend school from:

Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 16:00
Friday: 09:00 - 14:20

City Campus
Monday - Thursday: 08:20 - 15:15
Friday: 08:20 - 13:35

What is the maximum class size?

Maximum class sizes are 22 in Early Childhood and 24 across the rest of the school, with the exception of Grades 11 and 12 where the maximum class size is 18.

What curriculum does BIS offer?

The Primary School offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) to students from Early Childhood to Grade 5. The Secondary School offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in Grades 6 through 10 and in Grades 11 and 12 there are a general High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Is there support for students with special needs?

BIS can support a limited number of students with mild learning difficulties. Primary consideration in offering a place will be the student’s ability to achieve success in the regular curriculum with limited support. Places cannot be offered to students who need extensive programme modifications, an alternative curriculum, or constant support.

The school reserves the right (in consultation with parents) to conduct necessary assessments and obtain copies of all previous reports and records. Should it be unclear as to whether a student is capable of accessing the general curriculum with minimal support, a provisional place may be offered for six months to ascertain whether BIS can cater to the child’s learning needs.

All students entering the Learning Support Programme at BIS will be placed in the Support Services Referral Process. This is a collaborative process in which parents, teachers, the learning support staff and school principal participate. The full referral process is described in the document 'Whole School Referral Process', a copy of which is available on request.

Where do BIS students come from?

We have students from over 40 nations, with over 31 different mother-tongues. Most of our German students will have lived abroad for many years and attended international schools prior to joining BIS. On average our students are with us for 3 years. Around 30% of our students relocate at the end of each school year.

Will there be field trips during the year?

Students participate in a range of field trips designed to enhance the curriculum. These include day and overnight excursions.

Are there after-school activities at BIS?

There is a wide range of after school activities on offer from Monday - Friday over three seasons. Activities rely on community and teacher support to run, and range between grade levels and campuses. A range of activities are noted below. More information can be found under the Co-Curricular Athletics page on our website.

  • Yoga
  • Judo
  • Badminton
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Football
  • Band Workshop
  • Global Issues Network
  • Brownies
  • Gymnastic Dance
  • Volleyball
  • Fitness Club
  • Rugby
  • Cross country
  • International Award
  • Orchestra
  • Art Club
  • Dance Club
  • Glee Club
  • Amnesty
  • Hip hop
  • Tennis

Are school meals provided?

Two hot menus are offered in our cafeteria each day; one of the choices is always a vegetarian dish. Students may also bring food from home. If your child has a food allergy, a special menu can be arranged.

Can students reach BIS by public transportation?

Older students (grade 5 and up) often travel to and from school by S-Bahn and bus, from locations throughout greater Munich. Students take the S1 train to Lohhof, and then transfer to bus 693 for the nine minute trip from Lohhof to school. This allows them to take part in after school activities and then travel home independently.

Where do most BIS families live?

BIS families live throughout the greater Munich area. Those who love having all the hustle, bustle, culture and cuisine of the city right at their doorstep may choose a location in central Munich. They may select a home in Bogenhausen, Schwabing, or Nymphenburg. Families looking for some place green and peaceful may choose a village or hamlet outside the city, and those with very little ones will often seek a home near BIS. Haimhausen is a very sought after address. Also very much in demand are towns that lie along the S1 train line, such as Unterschleissheim, Lohhof, Eching, Neufarn, and Freising. Ismaning (on the S8 line) is an increasingly popular choice for BIS families, as is Garching, which has the advantage of a subway stop on the U6 line, offering a quick and easy connection to downtown and a shuttle bus connection from the underground stop at Garching-Hochbrück to BIS.

How can parents get involved at school?

BIS has a very active Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO). The PTO has two stated goals: to support the school and to support the community of BIS – both the parents and teachers and staff.

There are many different ways that parents can be involved in school life. Many parents support the school in organising social and fundraising events. Our PTO also organises parents who wish to volunteer in the classroom or library or in other ways around the school.

The heart of the PTO is the Family Welcome Committee. Just ask our admissions department to put you in touch with a Family Welcome Committee representative, and they will supply you with a phone number and email address for a parent of a BIS student of the same age as your child, who will be happy to share their experiences and insights with you.

Are private instrumental music lessons offered at BIS?

All students in the Secondary School at BIS have the opportunity to learn an instrument or voice at school from a professional tutor.

Will my child need to bring their own laptop to BIS?

The BIS IT Department provides students with an impressive array of resources for learning and communication. There is a state of the art computing suite available to Primary School students. Laptop carts carrying twenty-four laptops are available for Primary School classes. All Secondary School students are provided with a MacBook Air laptop.

What kind of communication can we expect between school and home?

We place a premium on the importance of regular and intensive communication between home and school, and the school internal intranet plays a central role in making this possible. Most BIS families check the intranet daily for news, calendar postings of school events and parent nights, and all sorts of other helpful information, from the daily menu to a needed address.


Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle für den Freistaat Bayern

Für die Bewertung von außerbayerischen schulischen Abschlusszeugnissen ist die Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle für den Freistaat Bayern als Landesstelle für die Bewertung von außerbayerischen schulischen Abschlusszeugnissen zuständig: als Nachweis der Hochschulreife, der Fachhochschulreife, eines mittleren Schulabschlusses oder des erfolgreichen Hauptschulabschlusses. Die Bescheide ergehen im Namen des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst.

Bayerische Schüler, die im Ausland ein Hochschulzugangszeugnis erwerben wollen, sollten sich unbedingt vorher von der Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle über die Bedingungen beraten lassen, die für eine spätere Anerkennung des Zeugnisses in Deutschland gemäß den Bewertungsrichtlinien der Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) erfüllt werden müssen.

Pündterplatz 5
850803 München
Tel: 089/383849-0

Montag bis Freitag (ausser Mittwoch): 10-12 Uhr

Montag bis Freitag (ausser Mittwoch): 9:00-10:00 h
Montag bis Donnerstag (ausser Mittwoch): 14:00 - 15:00 h

Tel: 089/383 849-0

Informationen für Schüler einer Internationalen Schule (Erwerb eines IB-Diplomas)

Newcomers Centre for English Language Learners

An immersion programme where students improve English language skills while learning content.

The Newcomer Centre is part of the English as an Additional Language programme at BIS. Two highly qualified EAL teachers will serve Grades 6-8 students who enter the EAL programme at the beginning level (MYP Phase 1 and 2).

The Newcomer Centre will run separately from the regular timetable at BIS. Approximately 40 of a student's 56 weekly instructional hours will be spent at the Newcomer Centre. Students will attend the following classes with their mentor group: Arts, Math, and PE. In addition, students will be encouraged to enroll in the Mother Tongue Programme.

Units of study at the Newcomer Centre will reflect content, concepts, and skills students will need to understand when they enter subject area classes. English language skills will be emphasised through these content-based units. The content will cover Humanities, English, Science, and Well Being (our Mentor Programme).

Placement into the Newcomer Centre will be determined by an English entrance assessment. Exit from the Newcomer Centre will be determined by a team consisting of EAL teachers, the EAL curriculum leader, principal, parents, and the student. A student's length of study at the Newcomer Centre is expected to last from six weeks to a year.

Once a student is exited from the Newcomers Centre, he/she will be placed in subject area classes with a mentor group and will continue to receive English language support in the EAL programme.

Does BIS have a Summer Camp/Programme?

BIS does not have an own Summer Camp/Programme, however please folow the links below for some local and international offers.

This list of summer camps and summer programmes was created from mailings sent to us by external providers. BIS does not endorse or recommend any of the camps listed, and provides contacts to these external providers for your information only. BIS is not responsible for the content of any of the listed websites.

SportScheck Allwettter
'Sportcamps mit bestens ausgebildeten Trainern, die den Kindern eine unvergessliche Woche bereiten. Das perfekte Programm für alle Tennis-, Fußball- und Ballsportfans oder die, die es noch werden möchten'.

'SpainBcn offers in Barcelona, all year round, a variety of high quality Spanish Immersion & Cultural Programs for groups or individuals.During the summer the Spanish Immersion & Cultural Programs also offer the option of having included your choice of Sport Camps & Spanish Summer Programs (especially designed for junior and teenagers, available during the months of June and July)'.

Summer Camps Barcelona
'At the SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, we offer not only the opportunity to learn the Spanish language, but also allow students to participate in many cultural and historical programs. This means that for some students, focus can be squarely placed on learning about our beautiful and culturally rich country'.

Learn & Experience
'Learn & Experience are a family-run, award winning summer camp and youth travel operator. L&E offer Summer Camps for 8-14 year olds in Yorkshire & Madrid and Teen Travel Programmes across Europe for 15-16 year olds'.

Visions Service Adventures
'For 27 years, VISIONS has set the standard for domestic and international community service programs for high school and middle school students. Collaborative service work and cross-cultural living help our teen volunteers understand a complicated world and learn meaningful ways to contribute productively'.

Foerdung mit Pferden
'"Leben ist Beziehung" - Unter diesem Leitbild bieten wir Ihnen pferdegestützte Therapie - mit dem Ziel, die individuelle Beziehungsfähigkeit zu sich selbst und dem Umfeld zu verbessern und die eigene Lebensqualität zu steigern'.

GET Global
'We – GET Global Education Tumulka – specialise in language trips. For over 20 years we have been offering our customers competent and professional advice in this market sector of tourism'.

Cremona Activities
'Are you looking for high-quality care for your children during the school holidays? Our experienced course leaders and trainers offer exciting, tailor-made sports and hobby activities for every level of ability. We don’t overstretch anybody and your kids will have loads of fun and learn something lasting. The “Cremona Activities” concept is different to most "Ferienprogramme“. We put the emphasis on fun, team-building and learning. Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience with hundreds of kids'.