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10 Reasons to Join BIS

1. Helping Personalities Flourish

Academic Excellence

At BIS students develop in a way that suits their interests and talents. The school is a pathfinder, a source of inspiration and knowledge for like-minded families, and a catalyst for discovering opportunities and opening doors. 

BIS is one of only two international schools in Germany offering all four programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO): Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Our IB Diploma results (34.3 points in 2019) are well above the global average (29.7 points worldwide) year after year. 

Graduating from BIS launches students to the world’s best universities including German universities.

2. Focus upon each individual Child

Personalized Education & Well-being

Each child’s individual development is placed at the very centre of our educational focus at BIS. Passionate teachers, counsellors, pastoral leaders and mentors with experience and a spirit of innovation are the most important key to ensuring that the whole child’s strengths and needs are at the centre of attention.

Our educators are focused on building relationships and fostering collaboration. In cooperation with the pastoral (well-being) team, the counsellors and mentors provide holistic, sensitive, individual care for each student.

3. Inspiring Global Citizens

Real International Spirit

Students from 56 nations with 44 different mother tongues learn at BIS under the motto "Believe. Inspire. Succeed." The teachers come from 29 different countries.

We provide our students with the intellectual, intercultural, social, emotional and critical perspectives they will need as adults in a global, technological world. Our students will be able to solve the challenges of the future and make the world a better place.

4. Caring Community

One Big Family

Care is one of the most important core values at BIS. Intercultural competence, collaborative and inspirational learning, respect, social responsibility and resilience - all of these characterize the spirit of the school. But our commitment does not end with the students, because the entire family finds a home away from home within our BIS community. 

5. Communicating with the whole World

Expert in Language Acquisition

BIS aims to nurture an appreciation of the richness and diversity of language. Language does much more than promote cognitive growth; it is crucial for maintaining cultural identity and emotional stability. The acquisition of more than one language and maintenance of the mother tongue enrich personal growth and help facilitate international understanding.

BIS offers six modern languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin) and 17 languages in the Mother-Tongue-Programme.

BIS is known for its individual support of learning for all students, including learning support and students acquiring English as an Additional Language (EAL). 

A unique feature is the Newcomer Centre where students with little or no academic English can acquire the school’s ‘language of learning’ in a safe, structured environment that facilitates transition to regular classes when the student is ready.

6. A Safe Home Away from Home

Safe & Welcoming Environment

Kindness is the second school language of BIS and "welcome" is one of our most valuable words. Apart from these soft factors, the safety of our students is the number one priority on both campuses - in the central, modern City Campus in Munich and on the picturesque Haimhausen Campus with its manor and park. 

All staff members must provide a clean police record and complete a certified child protection safety course through the Educational Collaborative of International Schools (ECIS). Digital citizenry is taught and supported throughout the curriculum.

7. Preparing for the Future

Exceptional Learning Support, Counselling & Guidance

The Learning Support teachers help to implement the school's commitment to inclusion by taking care of students with special needs with small group work, classroom support, and facilitating any necessary accommodations.

The School Counsellors provide advice and support for students and parents on an individual basis, through grade level interventions, parent workshops and more.

The University Guidance team offers individualised assistance and advice to students who access universities all over the world.

8. Using Technology Cleverly

State-of-the-Art Educational Technology

BIS combines education and technology in ways that truly promote student learning. Using educational technology as a tool for learning, students develop the capacity to locate, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate information to create knowledge. 

Our school offers a 1:1 iPad programme for all students in Grades 4-6  and a 1:1 laptop programme for students in Grades 7-12. Three dedicated teachers specifically focus on Educational Technology, one per school section and campus.

9. Engagement with Body and Mind

Extensive After School Activities & Community Service

BIS offers an extensive After School Activity programme, including more than 40 sports courses a week, Personal Fitness, Visual Arts, Creative Arts, Music, Drama, Design Technology, Girl/Boy Scout, Irish Dance, Gymnastics, Dance, Ballet and much more. 

Very popular are the CAS (Community, Action, Service) in Grades 11-12  and service as action programmes in Grades 6-10, the ECO School project, the Model United Nations debate team and The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award,  a programme of personal development that equips young people for life through service, skills, fitness and challenge. 

BIS also offers an After School Care programme for children in the Primary School.

10. Living Innovation

Creativity, Innovation & Future Orientation

Creativity, future orientation and innovative spirit are omnipresent at BIS and an important part of its DNA. Design Thinking and Positive Education are part of the educational philosophy. Teachers inspire students, students inspire teachers. 

And for us, the future begins today. Coming soon: the Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) will provide a new home for deep learning and best practices at Haimhausen Campus.