University Counselling


At BIS, students’ futures are a priority whether they choose to progress to higher education or join a profession. We provide comprehensive information and advice on further and higher education through the Dean of Students. Since everyone’s needs are personal and different, a range of services is organised in such a way as to help students to help themselves. The services include the following:

Opportunity Information Sessions

Information sessions on universities, colleges and specialist schools in different countries are held at BIS throughout the year. These meetings are designed to make students aware of the many possibilities available to them, using expertise from the local community and representatives from overseas institutions, particularly from the U.K, Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. These information sessions are also open to parents and are advertised through the monthly University and College Updates issued by the Dean of Students and via email. Students in Grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to visit International and British Council university fairs and to join smaller, specialist trips to apprenticeship fairs and information events held at the Berufsinformationszentrum (BIZ) in Munich.

Careers and University Guidance Programme

The University and Careers Guidance programme is introduced in Grades 9 and 10, with students having the opportunity to use the careers databases Kudos Inspire and Careerscape during Wellbeing lessons, after completing an interest and skills inventory to identify careers which might be of interest. Workshops are held to introduce parents to these databases, both of which can be used at home. Students and parents can participate in university information sessions, and Grade 10 students are invited to join trips to apprenticeship fairs. All grade 10 students have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Students and Secondary Leadership Team to discuss their course choices for the IB Diploma. Grade 10 students are expected to undertake a two weeks’ work experience project towards the end of the school year.

Grade 11 students follow a University and Careers Guidance programme in dedicated Wellbeing lessons and are provided with a comprehensive University Handbook with timelines, university, gap year and career websites worldwide, and tips on how to create strong personal profiles and college essays / statements in order to be well positioned for their university or apprenticeship applications. Specialist workshops on how to carry out research in different countries are held throughout the year and are also offered to interested parents. All Grade 11 students and parents have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Students during the period January to March, to discuss their ideas and begin to plan their application pathways. Grade 12 students also have dedicated lessons during their Wellbeing sessions to finalise their university lists and begin the application process. Providing they observe internal BIS application deadlines, students have the opportunity to consult extensively with university guidance counsellors and to receive individual support throughout the application process.


Grade 11 students are expected to create and regularly update their CV, resume or Lebenslauf and Wellbeing lessons are dedicated to this purpose. After some preparatory lessons, students participate in a whole grade interview event, where they are interviewed by a business or university professional, receive feedback on their performance and CV and have the chance to peer assess the performance of their classmates. Grade 12 students who have been invited for interview can request practice individual, panel, mini-station, Skype and telephone interviews, as long as sufficient notice is given.

Specialist Reading Groups

If there is sufficient demand, university counsellors organise regular lunchtime reading groups in specialist areas such as Medicine, Psychology and Primary Education in order to provide students with important background knowledge, an opportunity to read and discuss related articles and to host guest speakers. These groups are open to all students in Grades 10 - 12.

Career Day

All students in Grades 9 – 12 participate in Career Day, which is usually held in November. Students attend a plenary session with a keynote speaker and have wide choice of information sessions, each held by representatives from a variety of career fields. This is a great opportunity for our students to find out what pathways are available with regards to studies and work options.

Careers and University Resources

The school provides library resources which include information on careers, universities and courses, apprenticeships, scholarship opportunities and up to date college prospectuses and brochures. The librarian is available for assistance in the library to locate these resources.

Recognition By Universities

Students with the IB Diploma have been accepted into more than 700 universities in some 70 countries. Many of the universities give credit for IB Diploma courses taken. Admissions officers seek out applicants who have taken the IB Diploma; not only because of evidence that they are well prepared for university study, but also because the willingness to complete such a rigorous course speaks well of their academic interest and stamina. The BIS High School Diploma combines IB Diploma Certificates and internally accredited courses and students can gain access to many colleges in the United States and some in the UK. For detailed information, please consult the Dean of Students.