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Welcome to BIS

Secondary School Haimhausen

BIS graduates are often accepted to their first-choice universities, which are among some of the top universities in the world.

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Students thrive when they feel cared for by their teachers and other staff, when they trust teachers and staff to support them in their learning. BIS students tell us they feel a special energy when they walk through our doors, and that they enjoy getting up each morning and coming to school.

One of only two International Baccalaureate World Schools in Germany that offers the full range of IB Programmes, BIS sends graduates to universities, specialist schools and into professional careers across the globe. In Grade 10, students choose between the IB Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Programme, which are the focus of the last two years of education (grades 11 and 12).

In Grades 6 - 10, students progress through the IB Middle Years Programme. The German federal Kultusminister Konferenz (KMK) formally recognize equivalency between the IB Middle-Years Programme and the German Mittleren Schulabschluss (Mittlere Reife). Equivalency is also recognized between the IB Diploma Programme and the German Abitur. Further details can be found on the KMK's website.

A BIS education is more than academic excellence and achievement, providing students with additional programmes to support growth and development. Extensive student services include pastoral care, university counselling, learning support, well-being counselling, and language support. Combined with extensive extra-curricular activities and clubs, BIS gives each student the support and opportunity she needs to thrive. 

Find out more about the Middle Years Programme curriculum Diploma Programme curriculum or the Career-related Programme curriculum.