The Primary School
Haimhausen Campus

Welcome to the Primary School, where our students learn in a cooperative, caring environment, which promotes the development of each child’s individual potential. Our dedicated teachers and relatively small classes in the Early (Early Childhood 1 - Grade 2) and Junior Years (Grades 3 - 5) ensure that students are encouraged and learn throughout these crucial years. We are authorised to teach the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Within this inquiry-based curriculum we provide students with a foundation of essential concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes. A strong emphasis is placed on how students learn, as well as what they learn. We also encourage our students to act responsibly and to reflect on their learning.

Classroom teachers teach Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Art, both within integrated units of inquiry and in single subject lessons. Specialist teachers teach German, Physical Education and Music. English as a Second Language is offered to those with limited or no English language. Our Learning Support teachers provide extra support. At least once a week students visit the library with their class.

Weekly assemblies foster a sense of community within the Primary School. These assemblies enable students to share what is being learned in the classroom and celebrate special events. Field trips are taken to enhance the Primary Years Programme. In addition to the academic programme, students have the opportunity to participate in an Elective Programme on a Thursday afternoon each week between 15:00 and 16:00; there is also a Mother Tongue Programme each Monday afternoon.
To close, we extend a warm welcome from both our colleagues and ourselves. We are all looking forward to fulfilling the BIS mission statement for each of your children by inspiring and challenging their young minds to achieve their intellectual and personal potential within our caring international environment.

Angela Hölzl
Primary School Principal, Haimhausen Campus