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Welcome to BIS

Learning Spaces

Where we learn is equally as important as what we learn and how we learn it. 

From our libraries to our design labs, classrooms to physical education facilities, BIS provides the physical environments for your child to grow, develop, and succeed. Here are some impressions of our learning spaces.



Numbers of books available to students across all BIS libraries

Our libraries are the hearts of our schools.  

BIS has three libraries, each catering to the reading needs of specific age groups. Our skilled librarians assist students with reading and comprehension, as well as specific projects and curriculum goals. Our libraries are engaging learning environments designed to support the curriculum at all levels and to promote a love of reading. They are staffed by specialists implementing grade-appropriate information literacy and research skills curricula. Students have access to a wide range of digital resources to support student research and literacy.



Numbers of classrooms in use across both campuses

The typical BIS classroom is the place where bright, inquisitive learners flourish in a richly appointed environment with state-of-the-art equipment. 

To enter one of these spaces is to sense the belief, to be inspired, and to imagine learners being stimulated, challenged, encouraged and ultimately to succeed. 


Space to make, think, learn and create!Makerspaces are an important part of 21st-century education. Makerspaces allow students to focus on an idea or problem. Express themselves and collaborate. Makerspaces are an excellent way for students to learn how to share their ideas and get feedback as well as push their thinking. The use of the spaces is integrated into the curriculum but also offers stand-alone lessons to focus on particular skills. Students have the opportunity to work with technology like 3D printers, microprocessors and robots as well as physical making with cardboard, paper, sewing machines, wood and other construction materials.


Our cafeterias support an environmentally friendly, regional, seasonal, and organic nutrition programme. 

ORGANIC GARDEN is our food and nutrition partner for both campuses. Based on organic and seasonal food provided by agriculture farms in our region, the ORGANIC GARDEN nutrition program EAT CLEVER@SCHOOL is designed to raise awareness about the impact of good nutrition and improve the performance of students at any age. 

Technology & Design Labs

Our Educational Technology facilities prepare students to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society in which they collaborate, contribute and flourish through universal access to people, information and ideas.

BIS is committed to delivering a twenty-first century learning environment by providing a consistent, well-integrated set of platforms and services to support the educational technology vision. We have a 1:1 device programme including BYOD laptops in Grades 6-12, full-time Help Desks at both campuses, technology in all classrooms, and three Educational Technology specialists.

Visual & Performing Arts

Where we create to communicate

Spaces for exploring, investigating, creating, devising and performing music, theatre & visual arts. Students express ideas and feelings, understand cultures and perspectives. Communication, innovation and imagination flourish while creative work is presented and shared.

Physical Education


Students active in Physical Education lessons each week

New, modern, spaciousOur students utilise a range of indoor and outdoor facilities as they extend their growth in Physical Education lessons, After School Activities, and individual and team sports, on their journey from children to young adults. Our facilities encourage student participation and empower them to develop physically as individuals and as athletes. Our facilities provide for all our Physical Education lessons and host several sports tournaments each year in all sports: Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball, Cross Country.

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