Embracing language
At Bavarian International School, we are fortunate to be the educational home for students from across the world. The development of language is fundamental to the instinctive human need to communicate.

At BIS language learning includes the development of  home and family languages, the languages of school, additional languages and the development of literacy. This is integral to exploring and sustaining cognitive and personal development as well as cultural identity.  Through an IB education, learning communities use language to build a better and more peaceful world. Language supports and strengthens relationships and the building of international-mindedness. IB schools are committed to multilingualism as a means of affirming cultural identity and developing international-mindedness. 

Home Language Programme
Educational research shows that recognition of a child's home culture and home language is an important feature of any language learning approach. Maintaining and developing literacy skills in the Home Language is not always easy when a family moves away from its own country of origin. Often children no longer have the option to attend a school with their home language as language of instruction. While learning at BIS occurs primarily in English, students have the opportunity to maintain and further develop their home language.

The Primary School Home Language Programme takes place weekly and is designed for students who already converse in their native language. Each campus and school section offers different Home Language classes depending on student needs. Our Admissions team can provide you with a list of which languages are available. 

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
The English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is designed to equip each student with the social and academic language skills necessary to seamlessly enter the multicultural community and gain access to all the learning opportunities at BIS. In the process of additional language acquisition, students transfer literacy and cognitive skills from their Home Language and therefore contribute unique perspectives enriching the learning environment at BIS for everyone. 

The acquisition of language is doubtless the greatest intellectual feat of any one of us is ever required to perform.
- Leonard Bloomfield