Educational Technology

Educational Technology


The Bavarian International School aims to prepare students to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society in which they collaborate, contribute and flourish through universal access to people, information and ideas.

Twenty-first century learning is lifelong learning with technology. Using educational technology as a tool for learning, students develop the capacity to locate, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information; then to create knowledge.

Twenty-first century learning requires technological fluency in learner attributes such as communication, creativity, collaboration, systems thinking, responsibility, self-assessment, and inquiry. BIS expects learners not only to develop these attributes but also to apply and demonstrate proficient use through authentic and engaging activities and assessments.

BIS is committed to delivering a twenty-first century learning environment by providing a consistent, well-integrated set of platforms and services to support the educational technology vision.

Criteria for Success

1. Embedding
Technology is seamlessly embedded throughout the learning experience to enable effective demonstration, assessment and evaluation.

2. Infrastructure
BIS will maintain and improve a user-focused technology infrastructure that is reliable, supported and relevant to today.

3. Access
The BIS community members will have ubiquitous access to the tools of technology and information for learning.

4. Ongoing professional learning
BIS will facilitate the development of professional learning community focused on improving the learning process and providing relevance to the students' world.

5. Curricular Framework
Standards will exist to enable consistency in the provisioning of the educational process and facilities.

6. Innovative
Innovative use of technology will be encouraged and supported.

7. Personalised
Use of technology will be personalised wherever possible, in order to address different learning styles, needs and rates of learning.

8. Skilled Personnel
BIS will maintain educators, support staff and empowered leaders skilled in the selection and effective use of educational technology.

9. Evaluation
BIS will continually reevaluate the implementation, funding and planning for educational technology.

VALUE of Educational Technology
BIS is committed to the integration and effective application of educational technology as a tool that prepares learners to be creative problem-solvers in a dynamic global society.