BIS as a digital role model school

Distance Learning is not home-schooling


Like a magnifying glass, the Corona pandemic reveals what schools must be able to provide in times of crisis and in this era of digitalisation. Innovative, digital-savvy teachers, appropriate devices and platforms, IT competence and customised learning concepts are the key factors for successful Distance and Hybrid Learning at Bavarian International School (BIS). The private all-day school with campuses in Munich-Schwabing and Haimhausen has been investing in educational technology since 2002 – an important basis for being able to switch to a "virtual school" immediately, smoothly and to a high standard of quality in an emergency. Media such as „Süddeutsche Zeitung“  and „Münchner Merkur“ reported on BIS as a leading digital role model school.

"Regardless of the Corona pandemic, schools in today's world must have a digital DNA in order to provide the highest quality education also in times of crisis," explains Dr Chrissie Sorenson, Head of School at Bavarian International School (BIS). Digitally trained teachers, EdTech and IT specialists including a helpdesk, a team of liaison teachers, mentors and psychologists and the 1:1 programme for students have been standard at BIS for many years. The 1:1 programme means that each child in grades 4-6 has access to their own iPad and each student in grades 7-12 gets their own MacBook leased by the school. Conceptually, it is crucial to develop customised programmes per age and grade level, to create a fine balance of online and offline, to enable social face-to-face communication, to set deliberate breaks and to encourage sports/movement. Structure and rhythm give students stability and orientation.

"We are addressing this difficult Corona situation by using our digital leadership, innovation and the shared experience of international schools around the globe to offer the best possible Distance and Hybrid Learning. We are constantly developing our programmes. This ensures that we maintain the highest academic standards that BIS families expect from us and that we set for ourselves as a global benchmark," explains Dr Sorenson.


Personalised education for future game changers

BIS is a non-profit, private all-day school for children aged three to 18 with an Early Childhood Centre ("Kindergarten 2.0") and pre-school, primary school (grades 1-5) and secondary school (grades 6-12). Around 1,150 students from 61 nations attend the two campuses in Munich-Schwabing and Haimhausen. Personalised, inspiring education, digital DNA, excellent environment and the international setting characterise the Bavarian International School. In addition to English as the main language of instruction, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin are also taught. BIS places particular emphasis on integrated, psychological counselling programmes, learning and language support as well as extensive extracurricular activities (approx. 80 activities are offered per week). 

Founded almost 30 years ago, BIS follows the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Organization. As one of only two international schools in Germany, BIS offers all four IB programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Our graduates can study at the best universities in Germany and around the world. In 2020, BIS's IBDP grade point average of 35.8 (and 100% graduation rate) was once again well above the global standard (31.1/81%). 

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