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Welcome to BIS

Distance Learning

Distance Learning at BIS

Within the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic lockdowns, BIS responded swiftly and effectively to provide students and families with consistent and safe learning,  whether in person or in a Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning model. 

Like school all over the world, the global pandemic forced BIS to make radical changes to its systems of instruction. The BIS community responded to the first lockdown with a spirit of innovation and created the BIS Distance Learning Plan, heralded in the German press as setting the standard for high quality virtual learning. 

Key to the school’s preparedness are its advanced technological equipment and highly trained, digitally-savvy teachers. With a historic commitment to educational technology dating back to 2002, the BIS curriculum features tailor-made offerings for each age group and a conscious balance between online and offline time. 

chrissie sorenson, head of school at bis “We faced this difficult situation by combining our own innovative power with the experience of other international schools around the world. This enabled us to develop our Distance Learning programme, and to maintain the highest educational standards. This agility and innovation is what our BIS families expect from us; a benchmark we set for ourselves.”

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