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Welcome to BIS

Supervisory Board

Marc Aghili, Chair of the BIS Supervisory Board

Partnering for long-term success

Our Supervisory Board exists to provide strategic advice on our long-term development.

Originally established in 1990, the Bavarian International School (BIS) updated its status to that of non-profit stock corporation (gemeinnützige Aktiengesellschaft) in April of 2018. The nine-member Supervisory Board works in partnership with the Executive Board, which is comprised of the Head of School and Business Director. The Supervisory Board has both monitoring and advisory functions, supporting the corporation in its political, financial, business, and fundraising areas, and in the overall strategic development of BIS. Five subcommittees of the Supervisory Board -  Executive, Finance, Governance, Strategic Development, and Advancement - focus on specific topics and present reports and recommendations to the Supervisory Board. All members of the Supervisory Board work on a voluntary basis. 

With the change of status to a non-profit stock corporation, those parents of BIS who had children enrolled in the school in 2018 were named as Shareholders. As the children of those parents graduate or move on, the shares of those families pass on to either new families requesting shares or to the Friends of BIS e.V. which was founded with the purpose of supporting the school’s fundraising efforts.

Marc Aghili, Chair, BIS Supervisory Board

"With its international, holistic and personalised approach to education, BIS prepares its students excellently for the dynamic, globalised future. In addition, Bavarian International School is of great importance for Munich as a business location - the offer of an international school is a key factor in attracting experts and managers from all over the world to the Munich region."

Dr. Manuel Cubero, General Member of the BIS Supervisory Board

Members of the BIS Supervisory Board

BIS Supervisory Board Update

At the last Shareholders' Meeting of Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) on 31. January 2024 in the auditorium of the Haimhausen Campus, two new members were elected to the BIS Supervisory Board and one member was re-elected. We welcome Rohit Sodha and Prof Dr Bernd Mertens as new members and are delighted to continue working with Dr Manuel Cubero. The term of service is four years in each case.

BIS would like to thank all other candidates who put themselves forth as candidates for this volunteer position (i.e. no payment). The Supervisory Board is a critical body for the strategic direction of our school. 

We would also like to give an extraordinary thank you to the two members whose 4-year terms ended in January 2024. Their commitment, support and advice on the Supervisory Board was invaluable: Dr Philipp Härle and Marcus Fischbacher. 

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BIS Supervisory Board (as of 31 January 2024)