Distance Learning

The Arts in Secondary School

It is the aim of the Art Department to get students to SEE AGAIN, with new eyes, the wonders of everyday things.

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Creativity, Action & Service

Creativity, Action and Service are at the heart of the IB Diploma Programme.

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English as an Additional Language

The EAL programme equips students with essential language skills.

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Students have great opportunities to get involved at every level.

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BIS celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021

3rd  largest international school in Germany

More than 1,000  participants in the After School Activities

"BIS is a great example of how the great peace project 'Europe' can work. Students of many nations learn together and support each other in order to participate in the further development of our society, indeed of the whole world."
Bernhard Seidenath, Member of the Bavarian State Parliament
"Without BIS it would be much more difficult to attract qualified managers and experts from all over the world to Munich."
Dr. Manuel Cubero, Former CEO Kabel Deutschland Holding AG

Excellent IB Diploma results

BIS average score 34.3 (2019)

(worldwide average: 29.8)
"BIS provides not only a high quality of wider and deeper educational opportunities in Bavaria, but also represents an important aspect for the economic prosperity of our Free State."
Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Parliament President

6  Modern languages and 17  Mother Tongue courses in the curriculum

English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin

1  of only 2 schools in Germany offering all 4 IB Programmes


More than  40  sports courses per week

1,200 students from 56 nations


Primary School: EC - Grade 5
Secondary School: Grade 6-12


City Campus

Primary School: EC - Grade 5