Making a Difference


More than just a school, BIS is a centre of international diversity, a catalyst for the flourishing of each individual child, and an innovative place for inspiring global citizens.

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Flourishing Personalities


BIS not only offers a whole universe of after school activities. This unique school is famous for its outstanding student services, counselling and caring.

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Moving the World


Our students are the heart of BIS. They have great stories to tell. And they will change the world. Some will even make history…

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Fast Facts

1,150 students
from 61 Nations
2 Campus, 1 Spirit, 1 School

75% students from international families

36 average IB Diploma score (29.9 worldwide)

100% IB Diploma & IB CP passes in 2020

22 maximum class size in Early Childhood (rest of school: 24; Grades 11 and 12: 18)

5 modern languages and 17 home language courses

1 of only 2 international schools in Germany offering all 4 IB Programmes

1:1 programmes for MacBooks & Ipads

80 After School Activities per week

170 teachers from 29 different nationalities 

30 years of BIS in 2021

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Graduation 2020

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High Reputation


"BIS is a great school with an exciting spirit and a very positive attitude that helps to inspire children for a lifetime."
Bela Anda, BIS Parent
"You can see that BIS is a truly international school - internationality, diversity and open-mindedness can be felt in every hallway, in every classroom."
Ilse Aigner (President of the Bavarian State Parliament)
"Erziehung von Weltbürgern (Education of Global Citizens)"
Süddeutsche Zeitung
"I hear really great stories from our kids about how they experience Distance Learning. Really big thumbs up for how you and your team are handling this. The teachers are amazing. I think we are very fortunate to have our kids at BIS!"
Paul Peters - BIS Parent
"We are truly impressed by the smart and balanced BIS Distance Learning program. The teachers make us believe they have done this many times before, really cool!"
Petra Winter - BIS Parent
"May the Wings of Destiny carry you aloft to dance with the Stars." 
Sebastian Casse (Alumni 2020)