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Tournament Teams and Schedules

Bavarian International School e.V are members of the GISST (German International Schools Sports Tournament) and ESC (European Sports Conference). These Secondary School tournament events are hosted throughout the year by the various International School members. Our Secondary School students have the opportunity to take part in these events in a number of the following sports. Friendly games with neighbouring schools are also arranged to give our students the chance to develop their skills.


    • Varsity Badminton
    • Middle School Badminton
    • Varsity Cross Country
    • Middle School Cross Country
    • Varsity Boys Football
    • Varsity Girls Football
    • Junior Varsity Boys Football
    • Junior Varsity Girls Football
    • Middle School Boys Football
    • Middle School Girls Football
    • Varsity Boys Rugby
    • Middle School Boys Rugby
    • Varsity Boys Volleyball
    • Varsity Girls Volleyball
    • Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball
    • Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball


    • BIS Ski Program
    • Varsity Swimming
    • Middle School Swimming
    • Varsity Boys Basketball
    • Varsity Girls Basketball
    • Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
    • Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
    • Middle School Boys Basketball
    • Grade 5 - 6 Boys Basketball
    • Middle School Girls Basketball


    • Track & Field
    • Mixed Softball
    • Varsity Tennis
    • Middle School Tennis
    • Varsity Golf
    • Middle School Boys Volleyball
    • Middle School Girls Volleyball
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