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Varisty Girls Swimming

3rd Place
Varsity Boys Swimming
Varsity Boys Volleyball

4th + Placings
Varsity Boys Basketball (4th)
Varsity Boys Football (4th)
Varsity Girls Volleyball (5th)
Varsity Boys Basketball (6th)
Varsity Girls Football (6th)


U14 Girls Cross Country
Varsity Boys Basketball
Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Girls Swimming

2nd Place
Varsity Boys Football
Varsity Girls Football
Varsity Girls Swimming
Varsity Boys Volleyball
Middle School Boys Basketball
Middle School Boys Swimming

3rd Place
Varsity Boys Swimming
Middle School Girls Football
Varsity Girls Volleyball

4th + Placings
MS Girls Swimming (4th)
Varsity Girls Badminton (6th)
MS Boys Football (6th)
MS Girls Basketball (6th)
Varsity Boys Swimming (7th)
MS Boys Badminton (8th)
Varsity Boys Badminton (8th)
MS Girls Badminton (10th)
JV Boys Football (12th)

Team Sportsmanship Awards

Varsity Boys Badminton (GISST)
Varsity Girls Badminton (GISST)

Shane Walsh Till
Commitment to Sport Award

Each year, BIS awards the Shane Walsh Till Commitment to Sport Award to a student who has shown the same 'can-do' spirit and commitment to sport as Shane Walsh Till himself.

Congratulations to Elena Beckhaus on receiving the Award for the 2015-2016 school year.

Shane Walsh Till always said as a kid he thought he was either going to play Cricket for Australia or Australian Rules Football. As he grew older and realised that dream was not a reality he was very disappointed. He played State Level Aussie Rules Football and Cricket in Australia and played very well but either were going to be his future career. Rather he took on the career as an educator and an amazing one at that. Whatever he did, he did well. He was a teacher at BIS from 1998 until 2003. He taught geography, history and social studies. His goal in life was to visit every continent. He almost made it. He was tragically killed in the Bali terrorist attacks in October 2002. Shane left an impression on everyone he encountered. We all remember Till for many of the same reasons. His infections smile, his willingness to argue a topic, his love of teaching, his love of traveling, his love of sport and his love for the mighty (a matter of opinion) Melbourne Football Club - The Melbourne Demons. During his time at BIS, Shane coached many sports, supported students by attending games as a chaperone and brought his love of life to everything he did. He lived every day to the fullest.

The Shane Walsh Till sports award is in honour of his infectious 'can-do' spirit and his commitment to sports.


3rd Place

Congratulations to all athletes who represented BIS at this years' German International School Sports Tournament for the school year ending 2016. It was a close finish and BIS managed to achieve 3rd place overall.

BIS competed in all GISST Sporting Events, with representatives for Golf, Cross Country, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis and Athletics.

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