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There is one big creative task we are all faced with: we need to learn to tell the story of our lives, to discover in what direction we want to go, to give individual incidents cohesion and to communicate it to others in an enriching way. The stories on this page may not be representative but they show what great variety evolves from the Bavarian International School. One thing is certain: our alumni are actively moulding their futures. It is thrilling to hear their stories and to learn that they remember their schooldays with fondness and pride.

However, we also face new challenges. Students returning to BIS for a visit often find out hat the place that meant home for them at an important stage of their lives is now inhabited by people they don't know. Social media may help to keep in touch, but real friendship and vibrant alumni relations depend on active encounters. A growing number alumni keep in touch at university and beyond and some even get married to an alumnus or and alumna! Furthermore, alumni speakers in assemblies also play an important role in inspiring the next generation of IB students. A BIS identity is being forged through reunions, black tie dinners and more informal meetings such as the Munich Stammtisch or the Alumni Football Team which stars at the annual Great Reunion at the beginning of the school year when they play the Haimhausen torpedoes. And they usually win!

Siegfried Joseph, Alumni Coordinator

Alumni News

Dan Ryan, class of 2011

It's hard to believe, that it's already been five years since I finished the IB. I feel like I can still remember every classroom and hallway of the school I spent 10 years at... After leaving BIS, I went to The University of York for four amazing years, and came out with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Linguistics. I am now teaching English at a language institute in China, and I plan to spend the next few years doing the same thing around the world (something I'm sure many teachers at BIS can relate to!). Best of luck to the class of 2016! Come to I think of it, some of you may have been in Mr Oldfield's 5th grade class when I completed my work experience as a teaching assistant... I'll leave you with the words I left on my 12th grade yearbook page: "It's better to regret something you did, than something you didn't do."

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Bardia von Beust class of 2009

Where has life taken me the past seven yeas? It took me to the other side of the planet, to Australia for a Bachelor of Arts (psychology, political economy). To the ICU unit and a near death experience in Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney. A three-year recovery and search for wholeness and health – a search, which was to define my life to this moment. A search for answers to the existential questions in life. Who am I? Why do we suffer? What am I here for?

My attention was directed inwards. I started looking within me and answers started to unwind themselves. I joined several trainee programs to become a breath therapist (Amo Breathwork) as well as a Consultant for Interconnective Development (CID). And at the moment I'm studying for my state exam to become a Alternative Health Healing Practitioner (Heilpraktiker).

We in our Western society have completely lost touch with our true essence. Neither School nor our Society provides the space to dive deep within ourselves and discover our own true meaning. It is each and every individual which has all the answers. We don't have to go through suffering to begin searching. If you are ready to begin your own TRUE journey, close your eyes and look within. You will see how life will unfold itself in front of you. For further questions: info@bardiavbeust.de

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Kevin Kratz, class of 2015

The idea of taking a gap year started when I dropped racing to dedicate my time to the IB. However, as the months became a year, I felt there was something missing in my life. The urge to race again grew, as I knew this is truly what I wanted to do.

Of course, racing is no easy task. Only full-time physical and mental training can lead to success when the difference between the top 25 drivers is just one second! With this competitive density, a few milliseconds can determine if you're first or fifth. Said journey to perfection has led me to various countries, meeting several important people on the way. Racing in international series' such as Formula 4 also opens my world to different cultures and languages. Whether I'm travelling, in a work environment, in an interview or writing I always treasure the disciplines I learnt throughout the IB and people definitely notice the fruits that they bear!

So even in a profession that is not entirely based around educational credentials there are a lot of surrounding tasks where I feel the IB has given me an advantage over the competition. Finally, being accepted to 5 of 5 universities for Motorsport Engineering I have secured myself a path back to Motorsport in various leading positions.

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