What parents say about BIS
Impressions of BIS
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Being part of the BIS community has made us incredibly happy for years - and I'm sure will continue to do so - and we feel very attached to the school and its fantastic staff and teachers.
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We would love to bring BIS along, because it has been 4,5 wonderful years of learning and development for our children at BIS, and a lovely community for us as a family to be involved in. We will be forever grateful for the way BIS has provided our children with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
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My visit to the City Campus and meeting with your Registrar was truly a pleasure. It was very kind of her to devote so much time to us; she was very patient and informative, and I left with no doubts that BIS is a perfect school for (my child). This confidence gives me a really good feeling regarding relocation to Munich and decreases the pressure of moving.
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My husband and I were truly impressed with BIS, and appreciated all the time you spent with us visiting your school. We loved the warm and relaxed atmosphere, and felt confident that our children would fit right in.
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We adore BIS and it will always have a special place in our hearts!
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